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            Active Shooter Detection Systems

            Axis Global Enterprises dba ASI Security is the PREMIER LICENSED DISTRIBUTER OF INDOOR ACTIVE SHOOTER DETECTION SYSTEMS in Virginia. From planning and design to installation and maintenance, our team is committed to reducing the threat of indoor shooting incidents.

            Guardian SDS 3Our chief product, the SDS?Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System, monitors for gunshot fire and sends immediate notification when a shot is fired. This allows people inside the building—and emergency personnal outside, to take the necessarry steps to mitigate the immediate threat.?By removing the "human factor", critical delays are?eliminated and nothing is left to interpretation.

            ASI Security is Fully Trained, Certified and has Secret Security Clearances, allowing us to Install and Maintain these systems for both Government and Commercial Clients at ANY Location.

            The shooter detection system was created through a partnership of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and a major defense contractor. The technology has already saved lives on battlefields around the world, and is now being implemented by businesses worldwide to protect their people and assets.


            When a weapon is fired, it produces 2 instant, key events:

            • An Infrared Flash
            • An Acoustic Bang

            When this happens, Guardian sensors:

            • Both SEE and HEAR the Event
            • Process the Information
            • Declare a Shot Alert with Certainty to the User

            The Customizable Software embedded in the system acts as a monitor for the sensors, providing:

            • Audio and Visual Alerts
            • SMS and?Email Notifications for Shot Alerts
            • System Maintenance Warnings to Building Occupants, Emergency Personnel and/or Local Law Enforcement

            The Guardian Shooter Detection System Integrates with Third-Party Security Systems and connects to existing client Security Panels via Relay Output Interface.?

            Schools, Healthcare Facilities, and Businesses are quickly incorporating Indoor Active Shooter Detection Systems into their facilities. When lives are at stake and seconds matter, this proven technology is instrumental.

            ?Shooter Detection 2? ?Shooter Detection 1

            Contact us at?info@asisecurity.net?or (757) 989-0718 to learn more about the Guardian Active Shooter Detection System and how we can secure your business today!


            How can we help? Request an assessment today by giving us a call at 757.857.4777
            SWaM Certified
            DBE Certified
            MBE Certified
            SBA 8(a) Certified
            BCEVA Member
            HR Acre Member
            IREM Member
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