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            Bella Monte

            Tenant Build-Out and Renovation

            Axis Global Enterprises provides high performance commercial tenant build-outs and renovations for property owners and managers.?We have a full understanding of our commercial clients’ needs and a professional team capable of satisfying the most demanding goals.

            We understand that time is money. Using aggressive yet flexible scheduling and the best?craftsmen in the business, we add value to your property, get it up to spec and running so it can start generating return on investment in the most cost effective way.

            We specialize in commercial, retail and tenant-finish construction services. Axis works with clients in office, retail, industrial and a variety of other industries to bring new concepts to life. Whether expanding a retail marketplace, remodeling a restaurant, or creating new office space, Axis Global Enterprises guarantees the highest level of diligence and execution to your project. From start to finish, our team of professionals provides quality work while maintaining cost controls and managing scheduling constraints.


            • Space planning
            • Production Flow Analysis
            • Return on Investment Analysis
            • Future Growth Needs
            • Construction Coordinated Around Functioning Business for Minimal to No Downtime

            PROJECT spotlight
            ? Bella Monte
            ? ?
            Bella Monte Restaurant & Enoteca?Virginia Beach, Virginia?c. 2015
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            ? ?Bella Monte ?
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            ? ?Bella Monte (2) ??
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            ? ?Bella Monte

            Call, Click, or Email us today at?info@axisge.com?to learn more about our Tenant Build-Out and Renovation services available to you and how we can help with your next project.


            Benefits Include

            • Project Management
            • Estimation
            • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
            • Tenant build-outs in shell and core structures
            • Tenant improvements and creative office spaces in existing or outdated buildings
            • High-End Interiors
            • Seismic upgrades and renovations
            • Historical preservation and rehabilitation
            • Complete reconstruction and repurposing
            • Structural repurposing for manufacturing and R&D facilities
            How can we help? Request an assessment today by giving us a call at 757.857.4777
            SWaM Certified
            DBE Certified
            MBE Certified
            SBA 8(a) Certified
            BCEVA Member
            HR Acre Member
            IREM Member
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