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          1. Call Us 757.857.4777
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            Header Construction Services

            Our Services

            Axis Global Enterprises, Inc. is is a full service, Class A General Contractor based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with additional ofices in Newport News, Virginia and Nags Head, North Carolina.

            We are certified as an SBA 8(a), SWaM, DBE, MBE, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), providing premium Construction and Integrated Security Technology solutions to Government, Commercial and VIP Residential customers in Virginia, North Carolina and beyond.

            Our core services include construction management, design-build, general contracting, integrated security technology and more.

            Construction Management

            Benefits Include
            • Cost Estimating & Budgeting
            • Subcontractor Procurement
            • Site Logistics Planning

            Design Build

            Benefits Include
            • Design Coordination & Management
            • Subcontractor Procurement
            • Single Point of Responsibility

            General Contracting

            Benefits Include
            • Project Management and Scheduling
            • Quality Assurance
            • Project Closeout

            Tenant Buildout

            Benefits Include
            • Project Management
            • Estimation
            • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

            PPEA Services

            Benefits Include
            • Saves You Time and Money
            • Provides a Single Point of Contact
            • Guaranteed Maximum Price

            Integrated Security Technology

            Benefits Include
            • One Point of Responsibility
            • 21+ Years Proven Experience
            • Fully Integrated Solutions
            How can we help? Request an assessment today by giving us a call at 757.857.4777
            SWaM Certified
            DBE Certified
            MBE Certified
            SBA 8(a) Certified
            BCEVA Member
            HR Acre Member
            IREM Member
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